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Have you ever been a lovable child?

Have you ever tried to prove yourself?

"Goat, Eagle, and My Pagani" is a story that starts with the divorce of the parents. Teacher Chong-jian uses his childhood hometown as the background to describe the environment of the teenager along with the trapped and lost dilemma. The novelist Yao Ming’s exceptional writing skills will take everyone on a fantastic journey.

The story of young Jiahao is the embodiment of young children in modern society, and such a story may be happening between you and me. Jiahao transforms and grows in a seemingly hopeless life, looking for opportunities again and again to discover his creative ability. The goats and eagles brought by his grandfather have had a huge impact on Jiahao. The seemingly nonsensical grandfather always gave Jiahao warm companionship and guidance at critical moments. The goat's persistence made Jiahao rethink the definition of self-worth, giving him the power to "re-see" himself like a wounded eagle, because the limbs of the feathers will eventually grow his own wings, letting go of the inferiority and self-abandonment he once had, and flying again in the sky of the self.

Li Chongjian and Gan Yaoming have long been devoted to children's creative writing and teaching, as well as the promotion of the Satir model of parent-child education. This young adult novel combining localized writing and education may be regarded as a masterpiece of intellectuals' social care and practice. With the vivid drawings of Mao Yu, you can deeply feel the throbbing and warmth brought by the story when reading.

The playful but real situation between teenagers in the book often makes people laugh. The storyline has a brisk rhythm, and there are often heart-wrenching echoes, leaving you thinking for a while. Juvenile novels can have such an effect, and that is the power of the two teachers.

You, who probably has been or is a depressed teenager, must come and listen to the story of Li Chongjian & Gan Yaoming - "Goat, Eagle, and My Pagani.”








★★★★美國限定★★★★ 美國學員專屬購書