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  • Date: 2/21/2023 11:00 PM
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Become an expert writer (Build lifelong effective writing skills) - Single Lecture

Since when did you stop telling your stories?

Have you ever had a creative inspiration to pen a vivid character and an intriguing story?

How do you feel when you hear the word "composition"?

Do you tend to only fixate on the title of the essay? Do you throw up your hands in despair and cannot even start?

Do children dislike writing or do they simply just dislike to composing standardized essays?

In fact, the inability to write is not because they lack ideas usually, but due to their fear of failure. They think that they must be able to write in the same manner as the "sample composition" provided as a good standardized writing example.

The title of Teacher Lee Chong Jian’s old book, Composition, it’s writing stories, holds the key answer to these questions.  Every child likes to listen to stories and also likes to tell stories. What makes children stop telling their stories?

Under the framework of standardized compositions, a written article or story does not describe the unique feelings of the child. The framework stifles a child’s personal voice. Over time, writing is far removed from the creative process of writing that a child enjoys. Naturally, children do not want to tell their stories anymore.

In the beginning, I came into contact with "Satir" because I was fascinated by Teacher Lee’s online video teaching composition using storytelling techniques. Thereafter, I joined the teacher's Kuaixue Shiqing (Thousand Trees becomes a Forest) writing class as an intern. During my internship, I learned that in the writing class, Teacher Lee used Satir dialogue to accompany and help the children face their writing anxiety. Only then did I get introduced to the Satir Model. I also learned ways to encourage children to take risks and use their creativity to embark on a journey to a world of their own imagination, e.g. "inviting students to write bad compositions”. This approach destroys the children’s standardized writing framework and liberates their mind and spirit.

For this lecture, we have invited Teacher Zhang Jia Shi and novelist Gan Yao Ming to discuss more about writing with you. They are both part of Teacher Chong Jian’s writing team.

A repeated winner of Taiwan Literary Awards and an expert storyteller himself, novelist Gan Yao Ming often creates writing classes and discusses ways to guide children to tell stories with teacher Lee Chong Jian. They are also co-authors of a few publications. During this lecture, Teacher Gan will also lecture on the perspectives in writing novels.

Whether you want to encourage your children to write, or you have an inner "writing soul" you want to unleash, you are welcomed to join us and relearn writing and storytelling.