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主講人:留佩萱。 課程費用:贊助會員USD$50 一般會員USD$60。 美西(GMT -7): 10/21. 28 (Fri) 6:00-8:30PM+ 11/4 (Fri) 6:00-9:00PM。 美東(GMT -4): 10/21. 28 (Fri) 9:00-11:30PM+ 11/4 (Fri) 9:00AM-12:00PM。 亞洲 (GMT+8): 10/22. 29 (Sat) 9:00-11:30AM+ 11/5 (Sat) 9:00AM-12:00PM。 指定書單:《擁抱你的內在家庭》

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課程費用:贊助會員USD$50 一般會員USD$60

美西(GMT -7):

10/21.10/28 (Fri) 6:00-8:30PM

11/4 (Fri)  6:00-9:00PM

美東(GMT -4):

10/21.10/28 (Fri) 9:00-11:30PM

11/4 (Fri)   9:00AM-12:00PM

亞洲 (GMT+8):

10/22.10/29 (Sat) 9:00-11:30AM

11/5 (Sat)  9:00AM-12:00PM








Embrace Your Parts: Learn Internal Family Systems Theory and Love Yourself Again】 (3 lessons)

Designated Book List: "Internal Family Systems" by Pei-Hsuan Liu

Our original families, upbringing cultures, and past traumas shape who we are now, how we deal with our emotions, how we love and be loved, how we get along with people, and how we live.

Like having an inner critic in your mind, maybe you have many behaviors that make you feel troubled or ashamed of your inability to deal with emotions, trust people, and build intimacy with people. You may want to control everything, get addicted to social media or video games, become a workaholic, or sacrifice your own needs to satisfy others... These behaviors do not mean that you have a problem, but they are part of a "survival mechanism" you built in the past to survive.

We all can make changes, help ourselves heal, and live fulfilling lives. It requires self-awareness, self-understanding, and practice to make it happen.

This course helps students explore and understand themselves by introducing the "Internal Family Systems" therapeutic theory, a fast-growing psychotherapy model in the United States over the past few years. It states that inside ourselves, we have different "parts" with different emotions, beliefs, and behaviors (like the anxious or self-critical part...).

The "Internal Family Systems" therapy theory believes that no matter what these "parts" are doing, they mean to protect you. You can learn to know and love these internal parts. During the course, Ms. Peixuan Liu will use different learning models, such as lectures, experiential activities, group discussions and sharing, etc., to help students use the "Internal family systems" therapy to heal themselves. Please read the teacher's new book "Embrace Your

Internal Family Systems" before or during class.





美國賓州州立大學諮商教育與督導博士 (PhD in Counselor Education & Supervision)

目前在美國Antioch University Seattle 心理諮商研究所擔任教職,

美國執業心理諮商師(Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, PA & Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LMHC, WA)

美國國家認證諮商師(National Certified Counselor, NCC)

EMDR受訓治療師(EMDR-trained therapist)

內在家庭系統(Internal Family System Therapy)訓練Level-1治療師

專長為創傷治療、童年創傷、性侵、家暴議題、創傷知情(Trauma-Informed Care)、EMDR、內在家庭系統理論(IFS)。在台灣著有《尋找復原力》、《療癒,從感受情緒開始》、以及《童年會傷人》三本書,長期經營About Counseling部落格(推廣創傷知情和心理健康。