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畢柳鶯 / Liu-Ing Bih












There is a kind of love called letting go – Fasting unto Peaceful Death

Lecturer: Dr. Liu-Ing Bih

【Course Outline】

The purpose of this book is to give hope to people who want to face death without fear. This book aims to provide sufficient knowledge for those who have to face death in the future. It is a useful resource to have when one must make the correct and rational end-of-life care decisions as needed for family members. Knowing how to let go when it's time to let go, knowing how to take care of and accompany the dying so that he or she can leave safely and comfortably are crucial to ensure that the loved ones left behind will have no regrets.

In this book, Dr. Liu-Ing Bih shared her experience of how she assisted family members of elderly and critically ill patients and how to accompany them near the end. The book includes descriptions of how to help dying patients fast unto peaceful death, the implementation details of the whole process, possible questions and difficulties, relatives’ emotional turmoil and transitions, and the spiritual care throughout the whole process of fasting until the patient's peaceful death. For Dr. Bi Liuying, every dying patient and their family members are her teachers. The knowledge and inspiration from her interactions with them constitute the very essence of this book. For the readers who want to understand and view death with a more positive perspective, this book will be a valuable resource, particularly for the family members who are considering or need to help and accompany their dying family member during the fasting process. Gaining the knowledge will bring power to ensure a smooth process and a fulfilling result for both the living and the dying patient.

【Lecturer Profile】

Dr. Liu graduated from the National Taiwan University School of Medicine and trained as a resident physician in the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at the National Taiwan University Hospital. She used to be the Dean of Taichung Municipal Rehabilitation Hospital and is a retired professor at the Chung Shan Medical University Hospital. She is currently a senior medical professor at the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of the TW Ministry of Health and Welfare. Since she was in elementary school, she felt gender inequality. She also felt that the weak are prey for the strong in the human world, and she endeavorslikes to fight against injustice. Being a rehabilitation physician was the greatest choice she made in her life. She learnt to develop an ability to not simply focus on how to combat an illness but to treat and care for a patient as a whole person holistically. She is grateful for all her patients and their families that she has served. Their vulnerability, suffering, grit, and resilience have given her a lot of inspiration and strength. She also wants to express her gratitude to all the members of the rehabilitation team for their selfless and enthusiastic assistance.
 Dr. Liu likes art, travel, photography and reading. Since 2009, she has shared her experience through her blog “A Bi’s Sky” ( and published more than 500 articles. She is also the author of "Medical Steps and Medical Footprints" A literal translation of Book Title)


Graduated from National Taiwan University School of Medicine

Advanced Studies at New York University Langone Health (Affiliated Hospital) and JAPAN National Rehabilitation Center

Dean of Taichung Municipal Rehabilitation Hospital

Professor, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of the TW Ministry of Health and Welfare

【Current Position】

Senior Medical Professor, Department of Rehabilitation, Taichung Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare