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課程費用:USD $90


美西(GMT -7):9/6. 13. 20. 27.10/4. 11(Tue) 6-8PM

美東(GMT -4):9/6. 13. 20. 27.10/4. 11(Tue) 9-11PM

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There are different definitions people can have of  “Spiritual Awakening.”  As spiritual awakening has become more popularized, many people talk about their awakening from an “ego” perspective, co-opting the claim of awakening to somehow feeling better and “more awake” than other people.  In fact, a number of people deny anything in their experiences - be it anger, depression, or family trouble - that contradicts their idea of what it means to be an awakened person. 

In this book, Adya addresses the misconceptions, pitfalls, and delusions that can occur after an initial experience of spiritual awakening.  He stated that there were very few resources available for people who have had an initial experience of spiritual awakening and wanted to understand how the process continues and unfolds.  May this book be a helpful guide and further catalyst for this greatest of adventures. (From Editor’s Introduction)

The leader of this book analysis, Mr. Luo Chi-Chong, has explored this “spiritual awakening” journey for nine years.  With the guidance from this book, he encountered major mishaps in his path, without stopping the journey.  He will reflect his personal experiences while combining this book chapter by chapter, welcoming peers to follow their own pace to go deeper in their own spiritual awakening journey.

**Class Reminder:  This class recording will last for 10 days after the class finishes.  The class PPT will not be shared.