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◆主講人:舞象基金會義工 楊惠如 、金會文 ◆課程費用:免費 ◆課程時間: 美西(GMT -7):8/2. 9. 16. 23 (Tue) 3-5 PM。 美東(GMT -4):8/2. 9. 16. 23 (Tue) 6-8 PM。 亞洲 (GMT+8):8/3. 10. 17. 24 (Wed) 6-8 AM

  • Date: 8/2/2022 03:00 PM
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主講人:舞象基金會義工  楊惠如 、 金會文


美西(GMT -7):8/2. 9. 16. 23  (Tue)  3-5 PM 

美東(GMT -4):8/2. 9. 16. 23  (Tue)  6-8 PM

亞洲 (GMT+8):8/3. 10. 17. 24 (Wed)  6-8 AM

Behind every painful life experience is its own life story worth exploring! Can you believe that a retelling of the story can rewrite fate? 

Narrative therapy is a concept originated in the 1980s, co-created by Michael White in Australia and David Epston in New Zealand. 

The core concept of narrative therapy is that the reason why a person is trapped is not because there is a problem with their life experiences, but because they live in a version of the story that, in their eyes, is full of problems. The goal of narrative therapy is to have others understand the "self," who is the true creator of the life story.

Through dialogue, narrative therapy can help the narrator find a different version of their story. Doing so brings new possibilities and choices to life- the narrator can rewrite their own life story- this is the most fascinating part of narrative therapy. 

This time, two teachers, An-qi Qin and Si-heng Ge, were invited to lead the course. Ever since inviting Michael White to Hong Kong for the first workshop in 2001, they have been fascinated about the concept of narrative therapy. From 2004 to 2011, they set up a beginner’s narrative course in Hong Kong and co-organized a one-year narrative therapy course with the Dulwich Centre (a specialized narrative therapy educational institution founded by Master Michael White in 1983). For the past 20 years, they have worked hard to promote narrative therapy education and practice in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and mainland China.

We invite those who want to rewrite the script of their lives to join us in the magical process of "how Narrative Therapy rewrites destiny and finds a solution for life.” Don't miss out on these five lessons!

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