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Rebuilding the Connection with Mother (In-depth Seminar) (4 lessons)

【Lesson Outline】

Hellinger: The love for the mother is the basis for every success.

In the principle of success, the mother is the leader, the mother is the customer, the mother is the wealth, and the mother is the success.

Everything of ours comes from our mother. Coming to this world is the first great success of our life, which is also the prerequisite for all our success. This success is brought by the mother. 

There is a kind of success that is clearly shown, to be seen; but there is also a kind of success that has to do with inner movement.

Inner movement and success are totally related. This inner movement will lead us to the realization of the highest success in life — this is our movement towards our mother. However, the act of surrendering to the mother is not an easy task, and it will be an accomplishment if it is achieved.

Therefore, under the leadership  of theinstructor compassion, we went back through time travel, from fertilized egg, to embryonic development, to fetus, birth, and growth… To re-experience the whole process of life up to separation from our mother in such a miraculous way gives us the opportunity to see the miracle of our connection with our mother.

【Outline of the Four Lessons】

Conception - Birth - Growth - Separation

Phase 1 Theme: Back to the Womb

"The greatest success we've ever had is life!”

——If we are in the mother's womb, what experience do we have?

Suppose we go back to the womb, during those ten months, what did we experience together with our mother (as a community of life)?

Stage Two Theme: Birth Setting

"Acceptance - is the beginning of change"

——What kind of factory settings do we carry with us after birth?

We come to this material world with a certain question mark information, and we also bring a certain "design" here; with this "design program", how to live the best of ourselves and how to complete our own questions may be our own things to do in life. There are many settings when everyone is born. Some we know, and some we don't know. This is the state we set at birth. Knowing what our setting is, when we see our "lifeprogram" again, we may realize that it has nothing to do with others or the outside world. Then, changes start here.

Stage Three Theme: The Growing You and Your Mother

"Let's let go of our superiority and start moving with the momentum of giving, just like we did when we were kids"

——When you enter school at the age of 7 or older, what kind of you is that? How do you feel about where you are? What do you see when you look outside, and what do you see when you look inside? If you looked at your mother at this time, how would you describe you and her?

Stage Four Theme: Separation from Mother

"With the movement completely entrusted to the mother, truly entrust her with her original appearance"

——We followed the mother, when she was in her mother's womb. What was she experiencing, and what kind of appearance did she prepare for? What kind of belief did she bring to this material world... Let us see our mother again, and face the woman in front of us as an adult now, what would you say to her?

【Outline Summary】

No matter how great your achievements are, all your success is just a continuation of your mother's success, so let us look at our mother and ourselves with love. Be grateful to our mother, see the great power of our mother, and achieve a greater cause. Then success will come at the end of our road. Let us walk on the right path, success will approach and meet us at the end point.

【Introduction of the Instructor】

Kuo, Huai-Tzu is one of the most experienced family system arrangement therapists in the Chinese region.

She got enlightened in the field of social work, and then embarked on a journey of self-discovery. In the process of self-exploration, she received intensive training in body work and meditation. In addition to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China, she traveled all over Canada, India, Europe, and South America. During this time, she personally experienced the benefits of uniting body and mind such as breathing therapy, body rhythm, energy reading, etc. After a long period of training, she became a successful group leader. As an experienced psychotherapist, Teacher Guointegrates many approaches such as body work, breathing healing, family systemic constellations, and guided meditation. At the same time, she incorporates one-on-one consultation to help participants move towards self-awareness and life with self-confidence and happiness.

Founder of Chinese music meditation

The most experienced family dynamic therapist in the Chinese region

Certified Constellation Facilitator by the International Association of Systemic Constellations

Certified Respiratory Therapist for Diamond Respiration Therapy

Dynamic Meditation Trainer