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【Self-talk at critical moments】(4 lessons)

Do you enjoy having someone comfort you when you are in a bad mood?

How do you treat yourself when you are in a

bad mood?

If you have a friend who is frustrated, what would

you say to your friend?

“You’re so lousy!”

“You’re slow”

“You did not pay enough attention, no wonder

you failed.”

We wouldn’t be talking to our friend in this manner. However, 

sometimes we say these things to ourselves when

we are upset.

Mr. Zeng will offer a course in February which will

help us to understand the “six critical moments”

that occur in life and learn the method of “talking

to yourself” at those critical moments.

Self-awareness is the beginning of self-

improvement. When I can be aware of what I

have said to myself, I have the opportunity to

choose again and “speak the right thing” to

myself. By learning self-awareness, we can

recognize when we are using negative thinking, so

we can modify it before it becomes hardened in our

unconscious and becomes part of our routine


Are these the expectations you have for yourself?

Expect yourself not to be easily overwhelmed

by emotions.

Expect to perform to your standard even in

stressful situations.

Be able to cheer up when you encounter a

low ebb, and not linger in a low state for a

long time, but to cheer up as soon as possible

and regain the strength.

Mr. Zeng’s courses will bring these valuable self-

help skills in the course of “self-talk at critical

moments.”  It will empower you at stressed

situations without relying on external resources.

This is the remarkable value of this course. If this

interests you, please register at our website.